maandag 15 juli 2013


Hi, how was your day? Today I started the first day of my holiday work. I was not nervous because I had previously been a trainee in that company. I must admit that I am quite tired after such business day. But I can't complain, I earn some extra. I want to save money for a new camera. The "good" quality photos that you now see regularly on my blog are made with the camera of my stepmom. Starting from tomorrow I'm the owner of that camera for a while. I'm going on vacation soon and wants to make nice pictures there. After awhile I could convince my stepmom to borrow it. I have to be super careful with them because that thing costs money!

My day was therefore rather busy. Everyone wanted to speak to me, came for a chat and in between there had to be worked of course! It is especially  very tiring to the focused all the time. I realize only now that you actually don't have to pay that much attention in school haha!


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