zaterdag 13 juli 2013

Essence Stay matt lip cream

Essence launches 4 colors of ' Stay matt lip cream'. I chose for  'Berry smooth' because the other colors too bright or too light for my skin. 'Berry smooth' seemed to be good for me. Of course it's always a bit of gambling if you go to the racks and you can't test anything at all. So there should be a service where you can try the make-up at home before you buy it, or does that already exist? If so.. Why not in my neighborhood?! I'm quite in need of that haha!

Berry smooth

I like the packaging. It is compact and you can stop it quickly in your handbag. I'm not fond of long, narrow packagings. This just fits better in the hand.

It has a convenient brush and also is a taper vise in the jar so that you don't have too much cream on your brush. Due the brush you can also put it on more 'exact'. I'm not a hero when it comes to applying lipstick or lip gloss, this time it went like nothing!

Here I have the lip cream on. I find it a very nice color, also fresh. You don't feel the cream . With lipstick or lip gloss you always feel it on your lips, that's already a reason for me to not put it on that much. I rubbed my finger over my lips and  nothing came off and it felt not too thick or sticky. I'm crazy about it!


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