vrijdag 12 juli 2013


Hoe poets jij meestal je tanden? Manueel? Elektrisch?
How do you brush your teeth usually? Manual? Electric?

Manueel poetsen / Manual brushing

  • handig mee te nemen (in je handtas)
  • sneller (je schrobt zelf)
  • geen lader nodig 
  • easy to take with you (in your handbag
  • faster (you do the brushing)
  • no charger needed

Elektrisch poetsen / Electric brushing

  • toothbrush does the work
  • more accurate (high speed)
  • longer (timer)

I personally switch often. When I am very tired in the evening, most of the time I grab to my manual toothbrush. Then I quickly scrob really good on all my teeth and ready! On a normal night I use the electric toothbrush and I continue to srob, even when the timer has gone off!

I prefer to use the electric toothbrush it just feels more clean!

 Which toothbrush do you guys prefer to use? Leave it behind in a comment!


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