vrijdag 5 juli 2013

New shoes!

After quite a long search of a female shoe in size 35 in my city,I gave up. Every store that I passed told me "We only start at size 36." Believe me, I could kill them. Was I the only teen with shoe size 35? "In Italy they sell small sizes!" Yes I heard that a few times but just going to Italy for once  is good but I always need shoes. I asked my mom if a surgery could make my feet bigger! Do you see how hopeless I am? I'm crazy about shoes, heels and everything and then I can't even buy it!

Though there is some good news! There is one shop in Belgium where I normally always find shoes. "Van Loock" in Zandhoven I may call it 'my saving Angel'. I usually go there twice a year to find shoes. I usually find heels in small shops. The quality is not always that good but  there's no other option!

I thought that it was time to go to Van Loock and I did it yesterday as well! After the saleswoman took about 15 pair of shoes from the warehouse, who did not fit me all I finally found two pair of shoes.

I'm almost embarrassed to write this down but these shoes have size 33 (!). It depends of course on the brand but I should not complain.. I have small feet! I like these heels! It has a sturdy heel 8 cm approximately. I find the drawings on the nose beautiful. I realized that I have these shoes also approximately in a brown color when I arrived at home. It's no problem, I can use them all!

I bought these to wear more in between. I usually wear heels but there are also those days that I don't feel like walking on heels to be higher. I bought these in a size 34, also still super small!

If I ever start a company will be a shoe shop with very small sizes and plus sizes. Basically can I start a company already because I am of legal age and have obtained a certificate but I still think that it is better to go first to college!


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