vrijdag 5 juli 2013

Meeting One Direction

February the 13th 2012
The bell rang, I just had 7 hours of classes and was allowed to go home. My whole class knew I left to Paris tonight to meet One Direction the next day. At least that was the plan. There were only 150 bracelets to get inside of the autograph session and to meet the boys. I was quite calm, realistic. There was a chance that I wouldn’t get in.
During the last class I was a bit nervous. I watched movies about England. Personally, I think England amazing, better than Belgium and especially London. But now I felt like I was wasting my time. I wanted to go to Paris!
I think I was as one of the first out of school. I saw dad his car though. "Good" I thought. We drove home where my stepmom had cooked. Eating was difficult and I checked my bag one last time before the taxi came. The driver pushed all the suitcases in the trunk but so slow. To the chagrin of me. My step-brother saw it and helped the driver a hand. We left with destination ' Brussel-Zuid '. When we arrived in Brussels and the GPS stopped working. I already had disaster scenarios in my head. I have to admit that I was in panic. We could still get the train right?
After a coffee, we were able to get in the train. We had a new destination "Gard du Nord". Dad told me on the train that we had to take a taxi right away in Paris. I ran as fast as possible with my suitcase out of the train when we arrived and ran to first taxi driver I saw and pushed the address of our hotel in his hands.
When we arrived in our hotel we just putted our suitcases in the rooms. I wanted to go to the Virgin Megastore as quickly as possible. At the counter we asked if we had the right address. Our hotel was on two streets from the Champs-Élysées but that was of course long stress. "Vous allez à droite à gauche et après, c’est la." It would be so close?
We followed the instructions and he was right, it was really only two streets further. There were no fans infront of the store. I was relieved. The bodyguard of the shop told me there was no use to start waiting tonight. I could easily walk around in Paris tonight.

February the 14th 2012
I could convince my stepbrother yesterday to go to the Virgin Megastore at 6am. At 5 am I got up to get myself ready. Funnily enough I was totally not nervous. Good thing too!
We left to the store and saw quiet a lot of fans. We stood at the back of the queue and moments later a girl came towards us to write a number on our hand and our names in her notebook. '72' was my number. They would give the list to the bodyguards of the shop when the bracelets were handed out. If you were not on the list, then you couldn’t get inside. Around 8 am, there were already 200 fans waiting, but only the first 150 were allowed to go inside. Every hour they came to check the numbers. A lot of people sneaked in so their names were not on the list. When the noticed it, they just put the people at the end of the row. Around 1pm  the responsible bodyguards came to check the numbers. Meanwhile there were fences. When you matched with your number and name and first letter of your last name, you could stand between the fences and you were sure of a meeting with One Direction. Everyone started to push and pull, there was a lot chaos. Especially since the people without a number were also trying to get in. I was so happy when I stood between the fences.
It was about 3 pm and at 4 pm we would get our bracelets and then we had to come back at 6 am for the autograph session. Due some vague reason we got our bracelets only at 6 am and we couldn’t  eat anything. Luckily my dad and stepmom gave us enough food and drinks. It was very annoying that we were not allowed to sit down between the fences but had to stand up. I had such a pain in my knees. Biting on my teeth was the only option.
It was almost 6 pm and they started to put fans per 20 between small fences as group by group to go inside. Then the chaos began.. I kept myself quiet, I found it so ridiculous to create chaos for nothing. Everyone was sure they would get in
At one point a girl pulled at my hair. My father saw it just happen and did sign to the bodyguard who was standing right in front of me. He took me up and helped me over the fences. I could get in earIier than them. How is that called again? Oh yes, Karma! I walked in and got my bracelet. Fans behind me ran inside but I had to wait for my step-brother he had the books that I wanted he boys to sign. After a few minutes I found him/
The guys came on stage and the Virgin Megastore exploded One by one, went on stage, fans were freaking out. I let some fans pass and go before me. They kept pushing.. Then I got pulled out of the row by three bodyguards. I think that they saw that I already let a few fans pass.
When it was my turn to go on stage I was instantly thrown infront of my favorite boy. Zayn was first and was still signing something for the girl. I was still not at the table and he laughed to me. I told him I came from Belgium and he looked surprised and putted my twitter in his back pocket. In advance there was agreed to not ask for a kiss or hug. Sorry but my goal was just to get a hug from Zayn. I asked him so and got it too. I hugged Zayn Malik! My nose and lips were just not against his neck.. I went to Niall that Zayn still asked "Should I sign the book?" Haha I totally forgot about that. Nial pointed at me and he said "Highfive! Highfive! " I gave him a highfive then the said "BOOM!" in silence. Liam was next but the bodyguard who was at the end of the table said I had to go faster. I passed Liam and gave Louis a highfive. Quickly I went back to Liam and he got the same as Louis. Harry was last. Something happened that I did not expect, I didn't say anything I just laughed. I could just not say anything when Harry looked me in my eyes. Wow such beautiful eyes.
He waved, smiled and said "Bye!" and that was it..
I found my father and stepmom between all the other fans. The bodyguard who took my out of the group when someone pulled my hair, allowed my dad and stepmom to get in. I walked to my stepmom and told her that I hugged Zayn. "We have seen everything!" she said. I ran to my dad and saw a tear on his cheek. He was so happy for me that I had met the guys. I love my father.
We went out and immediately I searched for the bodyguard that helped me and thanked him.

We ate some food and returned with the train home.

This was the best day of my life.

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