dinsdag 23 juli 2013


Today I visited the Krackow city in Poland. After a 2 hour drive through the mountains, on roads where you could drive max 70 per hour we were finally there. I did not know what to expect. I love cities but Krackow was just the only city where I had not been looking for! "This square is very beautiful!" that wasthe only thing I was told by my grandmother.

Many old buildings, stores that they do not have in Belgium .. That got my attention actually. I must admit Krackow has totally not stolen my heart. I did not feel myself in Poland but maybe that's because I can grasp Poland and hot weather not good We also did a ride by horse and cart, where I first had absolutely no favors. "In a carriage by the city? I want to see the city itself!" But I didn't want to be stubborn  and jumped into the carriage. I stroked today for the first time in seven years a horse. Quite special for me because for a long time I didn't want to know anything about horses. It actually came by all those girls who do horse riding as a sport and put 123489 photos with emotional texts on Facebook. Nothing for me! Oh, what a heat comes from nostrils of a horse, haha!


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