maandag 22 juli 2013


Today there was a trip to Auschwitz on the program. After half an hour we arrived. I didn't feel good, did not know what to expect. My family here in Poland had told me that if I went, I would not eat that day anymore. Just before we went inside I wanted to turn back but something in me said I would regret it. I started my trip with a guide. Many stories I already knew because we had learned in school during history lessons got told. It had not been difficult to watch everything for a long time until we entered one room. Behind glass we saw long hair of women, children's shoes, suitcases which they must leave with the soldiers, glasses, dolls of children and so on. I thought I had to vomit. I found this along with the gas chamber so disgusting ..

Afterwards I was glad I did it. I hope something like this horror will not happen again. This was true horror.

het luik waar de gas door kwam.


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