zondag 21 juli 2013

Goodnight Polska.

My first night in Poland succeeded! We had a BBQ and for the rest I walked a bit in the garden. It's so peaceful, so soothing .. After my first night I can say that I only understand a few words in Polish and I think it will stay like that. It's so exhausting to listen to Polish all the time and try to understand. Hopefully tomorrow I know a new word!

There is not yet decided what to do tomorrow, but I definitely want to see as much as possible in a short time. I just suggested  to go to Auschwitz. That was according to my family here not a good idea. "You will not eat anything all day!" It must be very hard emotionally because they told me about German students of 12-13 years who were going to visit and then had to go in therapy because it was too hard and emotional. But I would love to see it and now I'm in the area. My grandmother tells me so much about how they lived in the war and so many other stories. Therefore, I would also love to see it, because it happened so close.

If I do not get the chance I will definitely go there. This is something you need to have ever seen? I'm gonna crawl into bed, it was a long journey.


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