woensdag 24 juli 2013

Graduation present.

"And what do I get now?" I said as a joke to my mom when I got my grades and heard that I graduated. My diploma and certificate were a fact! "Well okay, choose something!" did she answered. In February I got a Michael Kors watch for my 18th birthday and since then my intrests in the brand grew. I surfed quite some time on their website and if you know me well, you know that I have a soft spot for handbags. "Maybe a handbag?" I didn't go into detail anymore because you can hardly find Michael Kors in Belgium. And i didn't like the idea of buying an expensive handbag via the internet.

Last week I was walking around in Dresden, we made a stop to stay the night and I wanted to shop a bit. It was almost 9PM and the shops started to close. A handbag with 'MK' on it got my attention, like a bell rang inside my head. I shouted "They sell Michael Kors!" to my mom. We got curious and entered the shop. There he stood on top of the rack a square, tight, camel Micheal Kors.  Ihad already decided for myself that it would be him, but then my stepfather came, he found another one more beautiful, which was also more expensive. The clerk saw me infront of the mirror with rectangular handbag and winked at me. I knew she was thinking the same thing. "That's the best!" She also confirmed it in German and gave me a whole word commentary, what my mother did not understand haha. I thought it was super sweet of the saleswoman. She could sell me an expensive handbag but she did not. There need to be more people like her! Less than 15 minutes later  I walked out with the handbag of my dreams. As proud as a peacock!


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