dinsdag 27 augustus 2013


My first trip to Copenhagen is over. It was also my first trip on my own, which made it more exciting! Wednesday August the 14 th, I was standing with my carry-on luggage in the departure hall of Brussels Airport. I went to a friend for a few days. I was really looking forward to it, a few day of relaxing and exciting stuff to do!

After Stine picked me up from the airport, we went to a mall. Nice to know: 50 Cent visited the mall the day after us. We picked up another girl from school and decided to play with carts at home! Actually the first time for me that I played a real game with carts!

The next day we went to the center of Roskilde by train. It had nice small shopping streets and again a mall. Stine bought some movies that we would watch for sure!

After me and Stine watched movies at home all day, we met up with our friend at the movies. I discovered that they eat popcorn with salt in Denmark! What a shock! We sat in a hall for 40 people, really weird!

On day 3 we visited Copenhagen with the three of us. We took a hop-on/off bus to visit the city. A must if you want to see as much as possible on a short time. There was a bus every 30 minutes, we didn't really lose time.

In the evening we met up with Stine her parents and brother in Tivoli. It's an amusement-park en there are performances every week. I usually get sick in rollercoasters so I had to walk some more, which was also nice! We also had dinner in a restaurant in the park and after a walk through the park we took the train home.

My plane took off on sunday. After breakfast I packed everything and our drive to the airport started. I was in time and then you realise how slow time goes by! Sitting on your own for 2 hours is not as simple as it looks. But after a flight of one hour and a half, I arrived in Brussels.

I love Copenhagen


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