dinsdag 3 september 2013

Internet friendship.

Do you have an internet friend? Do you have many of them? How far do they live from you and is your friendship real? A lot of people ask it themself cause do you think that you can get to know someone on the internet? On TV you hear a lot of stories about boys and girls who get to know each other on the internet and meet up but then it doesn't end that good when it's on the news. But are there also nice stories about internet friendship?

Personally, I have a bit of experience with internet friendships. I got to know my first internet friend in 2010 via Twitter. We talked a bit and we started to talk more and more. She was from Denmark, I was from Belgium. When we both had an iphone we gave eachother our number and the Imessage- conversations started. Stine from Denmark knew a lot about me. She knew about my problems but I also told her the most random things that happened to me. Our parents knew about their daughter talking to someone far away from them cause we sent eachother letters and postcards. This summer I decided to visit her. I took the plane on my own. Off to Denmark, off to Stine.

In 2012 I got to know Cindy, also via Twitter. From the first day on we started texting and we didn't stop! She only lived 30 minutes away from me. We met up and it was like we knew eachother for so long! No single awkward moment! I also can tell her everything, she's always there to put a smile on my face. We went twice to London, once to Cologne and other events and concerts! I also celebrated NYE with her and more parties to come!

Since a short time I talk with Chelsea, a girl I met on Twitter. It started two days before the concert of One Direction in Belgium and since that they we didn't skip one day of talking! I tell her almost everything via text, imessage, Twitter or Facebook. I haven't met her until now but that will happen really soon!
(Do you want me to vlog my meeting with her or read a blog about it? Let me know!)

I can only say, don't be scared to meet up with internet friends. Take a (maybe) risk. But always be careful!


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