vrijdag 20 september 2013

First week at college.

Hello everyone,
I know it's been a long time but I'm really busy. I'm not even at college for a full week. I have one hour off and then two hours of class. So I'm writing this during break. This showes that I really don't have that much time! In the morning with bus, in the evening with the bus and that means that I lose a lot of time.  It's all new for me. But I promise that when I'm used to college, I'll write more on here!
There's a huge difference between high school and college. Every teacher here is late and if you pay attention during the lesson or not, they don't even care. In my college we have to use our laptop in every class, so I find my way to Twitter and Facebook very easily. But I try to pay attention! All the departements, corridors and classes still look the same. I hope that I can find my way very soon! Our class is kinda calm, but in the future..

I'm happy that it all went good. I have to admit that I was really scared and nervous. "What if I really don't like it?" I have to spend 3 years of my life there.


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