donderdag 17 oktober 2013

Reading for nerds?

Reading? Ew no! I only do that when school asks me to!”  These world could come easily out of my mouth a year ago when the teacher started to talk about the book reviews that we had to do throughout the year. To say nothing about the sermon that she started. “Reading is really important, you have to keep doing it!” I heard this so many times. Our school gave us the books that we had to read. “These won prizes, they are in the top 10!” After I had read these books with great difficulty.. No, I had read a part. Just enough, I read just enough to understand the story. But still I don't understand why they had won prizes. Weird sentences, old-fashioned and depressing. Yes, I got that feeling!

It was in January this year, it was a rainy day and I had no homework for the first time. I was going to do some shopping with mom and I went to the books section. ' Fifty shades of grey ' I pulled out a book from the rack. I had heard many good things about the book, it was a hype! I didn't want to be the grey mouse who couldn’t join the conversation when other were talking about it. That night I literally fell asleep with the book in my hands. Never happened before! I have read the first two books of Twilight and a bit of the third one but I stopped because I didn’t like it anymore. Meanwhile I'm reading the third book, ' Fifty shades freed '. The story still gets my attention. I like reading now. Yes, nice! You are seeing the things all of a sudden in a different way. It’s also relaxing!

Teenagers don’t like to read. Everyone also has the image you only read if you are quiet and don't like to be social. Thanks to the hypes, people who never read start to get curious and grab a book. Usually you come in contact with books for a book review on school because you have to do it. You want a book as small as possible and it should be finished as soon as possible. Half of young people take something out of the racks without looking. Therefore, I recommend you to search for the book that appeals to you. Look at the cover, read the back. You don’t want a boring book, right? So try to discover what genre appeals to you. You're going to see that you won’t see reading as a punishment anymore. Maybe soon you’ll read a thick book in 1,2,3!
Note down: reading is NOT for nerds.


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