dinsdag 26 november 2013

Passenger gig.

A few weeks ago, I heard that The passenger would come to the station "Antwerp-Central" on the 26th of October. It was a free performance, everyone could go. So me and my girlfriend Chelsea decided to go. I'm not going to say that we are biggest fans but still wanted to see him live! I left in the morning on my own by train to Antwerp where I would meet Chelsea and another friend of hers. I knew Chelsea only via Twitter, which made it even more exciting. After an hour on the train sitting next to girls who were talking about whick book they had read, I could finally get off the train. I bumped into Chelsea and Flore. We decided to give it a go look where the event would be. When we arrived at half past 11 there were still some people working on the stage. We came there first with the three of us. Workers were still working on the stage and were testing the sound. We got hungry, me and Chelsea went for food and Flore stayed infront of the stage. Meanwhile Stu Larsen, a artist of Australia held a small sound check. A few hours later it was time for Passenger. Because we were in the front row, we were able to see him off the stage before he came to perform. In the meantime the station filled. I had unfortunately no view on how many people there were present, one of the disadvantages of standing on the first row. After a warm, cozy performance, Passenger dissapeared in the corridors of the station. Here went our hope, we wanted a picture with him! We wanted it mainly for Flore, she was the biggest fan of us three.We walked around but no trace of passenger. Then we saw Stu Larsen taking photos with fans. We stood there, looking around. He left along with another man, the man I had seen with Passenger before he went on stage. We decided to followStu Larsen follow from a distance. Just being calm walking in front of him, behind him, without any screams. We walked out of the station and came on a square, with an hotel. Not just a hotel, a hotel where a tour bus stood! Stu Larsen took a bicycle from the tour bus and cycled off. But the man I had seen with Passenger stood by the bus. I ran up to him and asked him if Passenger there was "We wanna surprise our friend!" "No, he's off, we are not with him. We are going to the Netherlands! " We said some words about Belgium and I ended with the words "I don't believe you." Passenger could not suddenly be gone. We were standing for half an hour in front of the hotel. Crew members were sitting in the hotel lobby and in the meantime Stu Larsen came back from his bike ride. We were about to leave, I had to get my train in half an hour. And at that moment I looked at the tour bus and saw Passenger. There were already a few fans pictures with him. Then it was my turn for the picture. Moments later I had the chance towalk to him again. I got a hug, "I have so much respect for you" I said during the hug. He thanked me and asked for my name, and then he shook my hand.Me, Flore and Chelsea were oh so happy, we did it!


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