zondag 29 juni 2014

One Direction 'Where We Are' Tour Amsterdam

The concert was on the 24th of June but my trip started earlier. It started the day before by driving to the train station. I went to my friend, from there we would leave for Amsterdam. After an hour I arrived at her trainstation there she picked me up. I was kinda starving so we went to Quick for some yummie fastfood! Then we took the bus to her place, another hour on the bus.. We relaxed a bit and watched 'This Is Us' before going to bed. We were getting nervous..

The next morning we woke up at 7am, not very tired.. WE WERE EXCITED!! We took the train to Antwerp, it was only 15 minutes. We still had more than an hour to take the train. Where we went to? Is that even a question? Starbucks ofcourse! We didn't had breakfast yet so perfect timing! We almost stepped on the wrong train but damn we were happy when we arrived in Amsterdam. We still needed to buy tickets for the metro but first, pizza! No we didnt't eat anything healthy, oops! We already saw a few fans in the station and when we asked the woman behind the information desk which metro was the best for us she also told us that her daughter was going. "Have fun girls!" She literally screamed. Also our hotel was full of fans "Also going to One Direction tonight?"

We went to the Amsterdam Arena by bus, it was only 10 minutes driving. As we stepped out we walked to the "Hot Ticket" desk to the registered. "Go to section E." We passed by all the fans who were waiting for hours already. We showed our Vip-pass and were at our seats in no-time. For real, it was so chill, no screaming of pushing. We had amazing seats and I enjoyed it so much. Zayn his highnotes can still bring me to tears *-*. If you are going to a show I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. This was the 5th time that I saw them and my third concert, I keep falling in love with them.

After the amazing concert we took the bus, which was full of fans, back to our hotel. The next day we went to Starbucks again. On our way home we got stuck in the train for 45 minutes because there was an accident between a train infront of us and a passenger. We were so stressed becaused we missed our connection but we made it in the end.

This was the second time that I met my friend Chelsea and it was so so so soooo good! Can't believe we're going back to Düsseldorf in a few days. We have standing tickets then. Let's see which memories we can make there!

You get the greatest memories while traveling.

(My friend made these pictures. Ask & credit before using.)


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