vrijdag 11 juli 2014

One Direction 'Where We Are' Tour Düsseldorf.

The second and last part of the 'Where We Are' tour was almost there. Chelsea came to my house the day before. We watched 'The Vow' in bed, trying to keep the tears away. Well, I failed..

The next morning we left at 9.30 am to the trainstation in Aachen. From there we would take a direct train to Düsseldorf. We still had 45 minutes before our train left. As usual or what most people do now, we searched for Wi-Fi haha! The sun was shining, which made our mood change to “happy”. The weather has such a huge influence on me. When we arrived in Düsseldorf we first went for food, pizza it was! At 2.30 PM we arrived at our hotel and we kinda stayed there. Exept for the time that we went to the supermarket. We were planning on queuing the next day at the arena so we needed some food to bring with us.

Our alarm went off at 6.05, 20 minutes later than we expected. We went downstairs for breakfast where we already saw other 1D fans. We arrived at the arena at 7.30 AM. The only thing I can saw about the queuing is that at first it was pure chaos. The security was unfriendly and they talking to us and putting us between barriers like we were cows. At 4.30 PM we could enter the arena. At first I didn't see anything but when the boys came on I stood on the second row at the B-stage. The were so so so close! Zayn waved ( yes, I know it for sure!) and Harry put his thumb back up to me. The concert was amazing and so different from Amsterdam. Standing in the crowd makes a difference. You kinda feel one with the boys and crowd.

(My friend made these pictures. Ask & credit before using.)

What was your last concert? Leave it in a comment!


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