maandag 16 juni 2014

Boyfriend Tag.

Hello everyone, today my boyfriend and I are together for five months so I decided to do a Boyfriend Tag. Let's see how good he knows me :D.

1.  Where did we meet? 
     We met each other at school. 
     (I still remember when he came in and "damn!")

 2.  What was our first date? 
      Eva visited my dorm and we saw a movie.
      (Haha yes, I didn't understand the movie at all. Awkward!)

 3.  Where was our first kiss and how was it? 
      We kissed each other at my dorm. I can’t describe our kiss with words. 
       (Yeah, I still remember everthing)
 4.  Did you know that I was the one?
      It took a while, but after our first kiss, I knew she was the person I want to be with for the rest of my life.
      (Yes it took a while, damn! But I didn't give up :D)

 5.  First impression? 
      I liked her face from the beginning, but that moment I realised she was the one.

 6.  When did you meet the family? 
      I met her family after a month.
      (Yes, and I'm happy that he likes my parents and I like his.)

 7.  Do we have a tradition? 
      Not anything in particular, but when we haven’t seen each other for a long time, we start cuddling
      each other for like 10 minutes.
      (Oh yes, we just stand there and say nothing. And I always sleep on his chest and when I don't, he
      knows that's something wrong with me.)

 8.  What was our first roadtrip? 
      We haven’t already done a roadtrip, but that will be something for the future. 
      (America yes?)      
 9.  Who said I love you first and where were we?
      I thought you were the first one to confess your love. You were at my dorm.
      (Oops, I don't remember that but yeah, it would probably be me.)

 10. What do we argue about the most? 
       About music, definitely.
       (I remember when I was playing '5SOS- Miss you' and he was like "What?! You just don't cover
       such a great song form Blink 182!" haha!)

 11. Who wears the pants in the relationship? 
       Nobody wears the pants.

 12. If I'm sitting in front of the tv what am I watching?
       One Tree Hill
       (I don't really watch TV so One Tree Hill is a really good answer!)

 13. What dressing do I get on my salad? 

 14. What's the one food dont I like? 
       Definitely the easiest question, vegetables.
       (*blushes* I know I should eat it but..)

 15. We go out to eat what do I get to drink?
       You always drink a coca cola.
       (True, but since December even before we were together he challenged me to drink 1,5l of water
       everyday and I'm still doing it! But when we go out I choose Coke.)

 16. What size shoe do I wear? 
       Size 34’
       (He thinks it's cute and I hate it!)

 17. If I was collecting anything what would it be? 
      Stuff that has to do with music.
      (Like concert tickets? Haha but I know he likes that I'm so into music.)

 18. What is my favorite type of sandwich? 
       With a lot of cheese.

19. What would I eat everyday if I could? 
      (What an easy question! I remember in the beginning he asked me if I wanted to go to his dorm.
      And I was like "No, I'm going home to study." and he said "I have lasagna.". 
      Guess what? I jumped on the bus with him.)

20. What my favorite cereal? 
      With chocolate
      (Yes, but I don't eat it very often.)

21. What is my favorite music?
      One direction

22. What is my favorite sports team? 
      KRC Genk
      (Also an easy question :D)

23. What is my eye color? 

24. Who is my best friend? 
      (They have never met, still he knows it! Marie is my best friend since we were babies.
      Now she goes to Uni and she's only home during the weekend. 
      She needs to study a lot so it's not easy to hangout.
      Kinda  sad, I miss her. But we know we'll always be best friends.)

25. What is something that I do that you don’t like? 
      When you squeeze my nose.
      (I know haha, I'm sorry!)

I hope you liked it! Leave a comment below and I see you next time!


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