woensdag 8 januari 2014

Say hello to my Nikon D5200.

I think it was time for a new camera, like a good camera. I have one but I only use that one for concerts cause it has a good zoom and it's small enough to get into the venues. I talked a lot with my dad about getting a good one and last saturday he took me to a shop and today we bought the Nikon D5200. IN LOVE!
Sorry for these horrible pictures with my Iphone but the light in the bedroom that I have in dad's house isn't working well. I should ask dad to fix it! But I'm just so excited and wanted to give you a look of my new camera! I'm almost jumping around, I wanna get started!

Say bye to this quality hahah!

And get used to this. Well I'm not a pro, I need to get to know my camera so don't kill me!


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