vrijdag 9 augustus 2013


Today I went to the city after work. I leave next Wednesday to Copenhagen, all alone. I go there to visit two friends that i know via Twitter. I'm going to stay with one of them. I had so get some goodies to take with me, but as you can see when you scroll down that weren't the only thing I bought, oops :) !

White nail polish is extremely popular at the time, gonna try it!

My hair is really dry because I dye them for years already, I bought a new product for it in 'Body Shop' Maybe I'll write a review later!

I bought this necklace at H&M

I also bought these 'knuckle rings' at H&M. They all look so cute!

I hadn't bought earrings in years. I had to take these with me!

I was waiting at the cash register and I saw this lipgloss from GOSH in a box full of other products for €2,5(!). Normally it costs around € 10 or more.


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