dinsdag 6 augustus 2013

L'oreal nail polish

"The 1st nail polish with integrated topcoat.
It is shockproof, 3 times as much shine and holds up to 10 days. 
Now choose from over 32 colors."

Nummer/ number 209

Nummer/number 210

I love this nail oplish! With two layers it already has a good coverage. This is the first nail polish that dries so fast, very useful when you want to paint your nails at the last minute. The collection has very fresh and darker colors, everyone find a color they like! It cost € 5,99 I don't think that's too much. I notice that there's a topcoat in it because he shines enough already! It doesn't last for 10 days, well 7 days for me! That is already quite long for me, normally after two days there a bits and it's ruined. A must!


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