dinsdag 9 juli 2013

Spending time in the garden.

Do you see that I'm trying to blog more? Do you still like it?

Today I haven't done so much. Along with my step brother and step mother  I went to their aunt. She lives in an apartment recently where they get extra care. We went into the cafeteria to eat something and I thought "Macaroni with cheese and ham! Yes!". When they brought my plate I thought something else. "Where is the spaghetti?". There was more ham and sauce in than anything else. There was certainly no Italian cooking behind the pots haha!

After our meal and an awful dessert we went back to her apartment. "And now sun!". I almost had the door handle in my hand to leave. The weather was so beautiful again and I had done my duty. And then all of a sudden, the aunt had the idea to go to the store and the cemetery. Oh shit, there goes my day. Along with my step brother we stayed in her apartment. For no money in the world I would walk around with a lady of 80 years when it was so hot outside. Believe me I was pissed off. I saw a sunny afternoon just passing by. It was terrible, so terrible that I've fallen asleep on the ground. Yes, now I have a stiff neck. Auw!

We went home to give the dogs their food and then.. Off to dad! I was so happy to get out of the car after a drive of 30 minutes. We ate outside and it was so cozy. My day ended well !

Tomorrow I will register myself on college. I am really wondering where I will end up the next 3 years. Probably tomorrow more about it!



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