maandag 2 februari 2015

Hello Bikini Body Guide!

Everybody started with their New Year's resolution right when 2015 started. Well, maybe just two or  three days after that..

I started mine a bit earlier between Christmas and New Year. I don't know why I didn't start after 2014, guess I wanted to stop with finding excuses. When I say "Kayla Itsines" does there ring a bell?You've probably already heard about her, if not go search her instragam @kayla_itsines. Do you like the pictures? And you can't stop scrolling? Then I'll tell you a bit about her and my early New Year's resolution.

On monday the 29th of December I started with the Bikini Body Guide from Kayla Itsines. The Bikini Body Guide includes a pre-training of 4 weeks and 12 weeks of 'official' training. I recommend the pre-training even if you work out on a regular base. I think it's always good to give yourself some time to get used to the routine. The guide is a E-book with 189 pages of excercises and tips. No excuses about forgetting your book, just download it on your smartphone, ipad or laptop.

A workout consists of 4x 7 minutes.


  • Dumbbells (3-5kg each)
  • Medicine Ball (6-12 kg) - I used dumbbells but it can be anything with the same weight.
  • Skipping Rope - I use an imaginary skipping rope!
  • Bosu Ball - until now they didn't appear in my workouts.
  • 1-2 Flat Benches (30cm+)- I used the table next to my bed. Make sure it's stable.
My opinion on pre-training week 1-4

If you're already active or not I recommend you to do the pre-training. I must say when you look at the excercises they look kinda simple. I'm not saying that they are very difficult either but you need to do them well. Before starting maybe can look up the moves so you can give your all in those 28 minutes. Halfway through my first workout I was asking myself what I was doing, basically dying haha. Now after my 4 weeks of pre-training I know what to expect in the upcoming 12 weeks. In these 4 weeks I was K-O after every workout and I don't think that will change haha. For now I already feel stronger and fitter. I'm trying to eat healthier. I don't eat candy but I like pasta and Italian food. I'm not too strict with my food because I know when I cut italian food out, I won't make it till the end. I'm drinking lots of water, not eating white bread anymore, no soft drinks either and fruit everyday. AND I never skip a workout! Make a plan for your own. You may not see a huge change but I feel better, healthier and stronger and that's the most important thing.

Until now I LOVE BBG, let's see how the next 12 weeks will go!
You can follow my journey on my instagram: evaheroobbg

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