donderdag 13 augustus 2015

Going for a walk.

When the weather is good and you have a dog you just gotta go for a walk! Some people might hate walking but I actually love it! (Unpopular opinion alert!)

On our way to the lake we met this little one. There were so many beetles on the road, all run over by cars. I actually never saw one in 'real' close-up before!

Time for a picture! :D

After five minutes she was tired of it haha. Please don't look at my face,.

At the make we let Chanel run without her leash when most people were gone. It was nice to see her having so much fun!

Time to go home because I needed to study. "Perfect timing for a nap." she thought.

How many time a week do you walk with your dog, where do you take him/her? :) 

Sorry for being away for so long.
I'll be back, I promise.


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