dinsdag 4 februari 2014

OOTD February #1

Today I'm back with an Outfit Of The Day. It's pretty cold in Belgium but you still wanna look stylish. You understand me right? :D

Let's start with my face. I kept it rather basic, I only made my eyes a bit smokey but not too dark.
I made a bun to make it more classic.
(Let me know if you want to know which products I used.)

This red pullover is from ZARA. SO SOFT AND COZY. I bought it during the sales for less than €20!!

I bought this necklace a while ago at ZARA. I love how it can make your outfit complete.

And yes also this skirt is from ZARA. Well, you can that it is my favorite shop :D. I used to be the girl with the skinny jeans, don't even think about me in a skirt! At a moment it just changed and I started to like the more 'girly' things. Finding the right skirt is really difficult for me, I'm really picky when it comes to clothes. But it was just love at first sight with this one!

I found these stocking pants somewhere in my closet by accident. It gives the outfit something extra I think.
My shoes are the "chelsea boots". Not the real ones tho! Founds these in Milan in my size 35 (2 UK)!

I hope you liked it xo


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