woensdag 12 februari 2014

Valentine for singles.

It's still January but I dare to say that in two weeks you'll see the color red and a hearts everywhere in your city. Some people, mostly people with a relationship love this time of the year.  But it's not that fun for singles, seeing all the people being in love, spoiling each other. In most cases you just want to run to another planet on that day. The media concentrates on the people who are in love and not on the people who wanna be loved. I wrote this post for the single readers on here who can't call their best friend on this day.

Let's start to make Valentine wonderful!

1. Watch your favorite movie

2. Make your favorite food

3. Cuddle with your pet

4. Face mask and a long bath!

5. Read a book

Pictures from Weheartit
I hope you'll have a lovely evening! Let me know what your plans are!


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