vrijdag 24 januari 2014

Let's start with the Jar of 2014

Everytime that I need to do lots of stuff, I get ideas for my blog. So last week I decided to make a Jar of 2014. I searched for a jar and putted a label with "2014" on it. I already dropped some papers in it. I also think this works in a positive way cause you think more and longer about the things you do. You concentrate on the positive without knowing actually. I think this is easy to do even when you're busy. This is my first jar and I'm already curious for the day, in 2015 that I will open it. You know, a lot can happen and change in one year. I'll make a video or an article about my jar then. I'm just too excited about it! I'm even excited about 2014 actually! I hope that I can put a lot of great memories in this jar and let's see how it turns out in one year!

Are you planning on making a jar or something else to remember great memories? Let me know in a comment below!


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