dinsdag 31 december 2013

What will 2014 bring?

Hello everyone,

2013 is almost over, how fast did it go?! I wish you all the best in 2014! We don't know what might happen, good things or bad things. But don't forget to make the best out of it! Today I'm gonna show you the concerts that I planned in 2014, as you might know, I LOVE concerts!

On February the 13th Daphni and I are going to Avicii, we're not huge fans but I think I wanna be part of such a concert too! Just closing your eyes and let the music take over the place!

On March the 20th I'm going to Beyoncé again and also with Daphni. Last time I went with my dad. When I heard that Queen B was coming back to Belgium, Daphni told me that she really wanted to see her. Last time I had seats, the best seats of the arena. So freaking close to the stage. Here you can read my article about that evening (http://www.evaheroo.com/2013/06/beyonce-concert.html). This time we have standing places. An our before the ticket sale I found a pre-sale link. So we got our tickets one hour earlier then the rest. NO STRESS, felt so good!

Last but not least, One Direction concerts! I'm totally ready for the "Where We Are" tour! I'm going with Chelsea this time and sooo looking forward to it! In Amsterdam we have VIP tickets and in Dusseldorf standing. Aren't we a bit crazy? One Direction doesn't come to Belgium see we go to them! Anyway I like it!

If you are going to one of these concert where I have standing places. If you stand infront of me, please move a little for me. I'M FREAKING SMALL. Oh I'm so scared that I won't see anything. Let's hope for the best!

This was 2013 on evaheroo.com
PS: I'm still here in 2014!


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