zaterdag 16 maart 2013


Hello dear,
It's been a while since I've posted. I had things in my head to blog about, but I just did not have the time! Next Thursday I have my thesis I've been busy from September to propose it to a jury. Stressful!

I got a postcard from Stine Alice, a friend from Denmark where I only have contact with over the Internet. She sent a postcard from London because she went to the concert of One Direction. I always think it's great to get postcards!

My stepbrother just got back from his trip to California behind , this was his gift to me! I can already say that I have won for "Best Drama Queen" an Oscar but that's a side issue haha!

Meanwhile, I turned 18 and this was the gift I got from my step-mom. I wanted a Naked 2 Palette for a really long time! I'll definitely write a review about this in the future!

A beautiful birthday gift from my mom. I'm really happy with it! I did not expect that I'd get him! I love Micheal Kors!

You know him, the guitarist of Tokio Hotel. This Friday  he and his twin brother Bill had a live chat but there was also a video of the whole band. Of this laugh I had to have a picture!

This is a picture of a few hours ago, cuddles with the dogs! 

I promise you that I will be blogging more! After Thursday it's almost vacation for me. During the holidays there will be much todo! Wanna  know what? Keep reading my blog!


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