vrijdag 15 februari 2013

We love you Racing!

Yesterday stood VfB Stuttgart and KRC Genk, my favorite football against each other in the UEFA Champions League. Thus, I had the idea to make something to write about. Not about the game itself but one of the players Krc Genk, Elyaniv Barda. It did not surprise me if you've never heard of him, he doesn't stand in the picture a lot.

Meanwhile I already my 4th season that I go to every home game from KRC Genk with my father. We have chairs just where the players come out of their dressing rooms. Before they go on the field ta I usually along without their clammy hands happy! Often I see the players in the center walking around or I come across them in the store. Usually, my father tend to have a talk with them. About recent matches It's pretty embarrassing when I'm 10 coat hangers in my hands and then a famous soccer player socializing. You Because they do, they come and talk.
I greet the players usually, before the game or after the game but there is only one person that I say goodbye, Elyaniv Barda several times. You probably expect a super handsome muscular boy of 20 years old, but it is not! He is 30 years old and has three children. Every time he sees me and my father to the tunnel he waves or he comes to us. I sure do not to scream my lungs haha.

At the beginning of last season I asked his shirt. "I give it when the season is over." He said, his broken English. Just when the season was almost done he got an injury and could not play for a while. He would present each week at the stadium but not on the field. How did I get his shirt? I gave it all up, he would probably forget.
It was the last match of the season and that game would decide if we were champions or not. There was a lot of people together, everyone tried to focus. Just do not give hands to the players, they had to concentrate to see this match. Elyaniv Barda I had not seen in the stands and in the course of the dressing room I did not see him. I stood talking to the players tunnel with my father when I suddenly saw, with a T-shirt in his hands. Elyaniv past me "I signed it in Arabic for you." He said. I really could not believe that he had thought to me. I do not know how many "Thank you's" from me he has been told, there were many! I gave him a hug and could do with a smile on my face to match the look that was just starting.
A few weeks later there was a signing of the players and Elyaniv saw us standing in line, he waved away. Even when I was at the autograph session met the other players were all jokes. I think there is nothing scary to meet them.

But here the 'Barda-story does not end this season he remains oh so friendly. Moments ago I stood and my father for the match to the global watch and Elyaniv Barda already had an injury. Suddenly my father and I feel a tap on our backs. Elyaniv there, was he came to greet us. I do not know him outside of football and he does not know us and yet we get so much attention from him. He likes us! Haha. Family me is the kindergarten teacher of his children been used and I know the lady that his daughters tutoring also gives, but I do not. Tell him I do not think he's suddenly going to do because I know them, even friendlier I want to make no abuse.

About 3 months ago, the referee whistled the match, and the players were dripping off the field. Dad called me "Elyaniv standing there," and he pointed to the left. He was dealing with someone so pictures I waited. I saw him take off his shirt and give it to a boy. I walked up to him and greeted him "Can I please have your shorts?" I asked laughing without a lot of intentions. "Yeah I'll give it over there," he said, pointing to the tunnel. Together with him I was there and he pulled his shorts right before my eyes. "Shit she gets it yet too!" I heard my dad laughing call.

My collection begins to grow: Barda his T-shirt and shorts and gloves of the keeper, László Köteles.

I should not complain!


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