zondag 11 mei 2014

Gift from nonna.

If you aren't Italian you're probably asking yourself what 'nonna' means :D. It just means 'grandmother'. So two weeks ago when I visited my grandma she took my hand and put the ring in it. I gave her a weird look, not knowing what she meant by it. "I can better give it now when I'm alive." Let me tell you, I was a bit in shock but also laughing it away. My nonna is not doing so well. Her bed came to the livingroom because the stairs are too much for her. She sleeps A LOT during the day and a nurse comes daily to wash her and help her. She doesn't really cook anymore and she used to love it! I'm really worried about her but we can't really talk. She doesn't speak Dutch and I don't speak Italian but I do my best. I just hope that I won't lose her soon.. We can't really talk that much but I know that I'm her angel. She's always to happy when I visit her. Today the family visited her for Mother's Day and dad bought a Italian cake for her. She asked "Did Eva buy it for me?" Dad lied and said yes. She started to smile and was so happy.

Since she gave my the ring, I've been wearing it everyday. I don't know what happened but since then, I realized how much she means to me.


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