donderdag 1 augustus 2013

Biocura Make-up Remover Pads Review


Ik ben terug en deze keer met een review over 'Make-up Remover Pads' van Biocura. Je kan deze voor ongeveer €3 krijgen in de Aldi.

Hello, I'm back and this time with a review about 'Makeup Remover Pads' from Biocura. You can get this for about € 3 in the Aldi.

Verpakking/ Packaging
De verpakking is strak, een rond, plastiek doosje en klaar. Het is hetzelfde doosje als die van de Peeling Pads, waarover ik eerder al een review schreef. ( Misschien kan het wel wat plaats innemen als je op reis gaat. Dan raad ik aan om de pads in een kleiner, gesloten doosje te steken.

The packaging is sleek, a round, plastic box and that's it. It's the same case as the one of the Peeling Pads, about which I have already wrote a review.( Maybe it can take some place when you're travelling. Then I recommend to put the pads in a smaller, closed box.

The pad is smooth

So does the pad look after taking off my make-up.

After this I proceeded to clean my face more because I wasn't not quite satisfied with the result after using one path. I use a normal cotton ball and put 'Eye makeup cleansing oil ' of 'Hema' on. This is the result!

After this i go over my face with 'Cleansing Milk' from Clarins

Finally, I go over my face with 'Toning Lotion' from Clarins.

As you have seen there still comes off a lot of makeup after cleaning with one paath path. I recommend this product especially to take with you on holiday. It has a nice format and of course you want it to be as small as possible. You do have of those days when you're too lazy to take off your make-up but yet you know that iyou must do it. Take this path and get the most make-up off. It's better than nothing!


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