zaterdag 9 februari 2013

50 shades of Grey.

A few weeks ago  I suddenly got the idea of reading "50 shades of Grey Immediately after school I drove to the store and bought it. As I stood at the counter said the lady behind the counter that it was a very good book and I certainly would be for the other two books. had not yet convinced me immediately back.

Honestly I almost never read except fanfic's. The books we have to read for school are always so boring. I have no motivation to read something else. Although I must say that I have read. 2 books of Twilight The third book in the closet with a bookmark between. As you can see, I get easily bored!

To get to 50 shades of gray back, I began because I always heard positive things about it. I must admit, wow what a book! I'm now about half over and I just can not stop reading! The book reads super smooth and easy. The book is known as erotic but I do not bother me. When you read the back cover looks like to have sex on each page, which is totally not true!

The story is fantastic, a real winner!


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